May 25, 2015

Basa-basi Orang Indonesia

Hey Friends!

This is the second link from Lastday Production, today.
Very funny, so i wish you must to watch that.

"Basa-basi Orang Indonesia" is same as meaning of Chit Chat Indonesian Peopel.
In Indonesia, Chit chat is same as Antonym of the meaning word. So if we say to you we are "on the way" its mean we just already start to prepare in home.

And, if your friend in eating something the he/she ask you "are you want some?" dont try to eat his meal. Because he is just asking that mean, lets order another meal by your self.

So, c-mon guys. lets download the short movie, now.

to download in
mp4 version, Click Here
Production by ; Lastday production

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