May 28, 2015

Cewek Cantik vs Cewek Jelek

Cewek Cantik vs Cewek Jelek
(Pretty Girl vs Ugly Girl)

Hi Friends!
Are you know differences about Pretty girl and Ugly girl?
The Pretty girl always being popular then ugly girl.

Sometime, if someone hit your car. How do you respond if someone who hit your car is,

Pretty Girl > your respond: Oh, It's okay, miss. We are so sorry, It's just an accident!

But if,..
Ugly Girl > your respond: Hey you! Can you drive a car? Do you have a license for driving? How old are you? You have to pay compentation for hit my car! @$#%#

Oh My God!

But, in this time, the movie don't have english subtitle.
But dont worried, its still funny at all.

Then, ...

Why not if you watch the video by your self?
to download in
mp4 version, Click Here
Production by ; Lastday production

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