Jun 3, 2015

Etika Memakai WC Umum

Etika Memakai WC Umum

Don't ever do this!

Hi, Friends!
Here is onething again from Raditya Dika. One of the most popular comedian in Indonesia.

"Etika memakai wc Umum" or "The Ethics of Using Public Toilet" but just for comedy version.
Everyone have to know this. Hahaha.
If you want to using Public Toilet, make sure to watch this video at first.
Don't ever do this!

And don't ever do this style to using the public toilet

Unfortunately, this video has not had english subtitle.

Then, ...

Why not if you watch the video by your self?
to download in
And Don't ever do this!
mp4 version, Click Here

For 3gp version, Click Here

Production by ; Raditya Dika

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