Jun 4, 2015

Tutorial Bakar Roti

Tutorial Bakar Roti
(How to Making a toast)

Hi, Friends!
Here is onething again from Raditya Dika. For This time, i'll share a funny video about "How to making a toast by Raditya Dika's version.

Making a toast? It's very easy. But how if your Gas Stove is broken? Or empty?
Dont worried, just try to using a Flame Thrower!

What? Flame Thrower? Is that a Weapon for war?
Yes! Why Not?

Hey, Guys, don't try this at your house!
This video is just for fun.

Unfortunately, this video has not had english subtitle.

Then, ...

Why not if you watch the video by your self?
to download in
mp4 version, Click Here

For 3gp version, Click Here

Production by ; Raditya Dika
Courtesy by Youtube

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